June 15, 2004

Gambling Systems More Secure Than Voting Systems

The New York Times > Opinion > Making Votes Count: Gambling on Voting via Blogdex

Why are gambling systems more secure than voting systems? The article has some good points, not the least of which is the one we've seen in Georgia:

Manufacturers are intensively scrutinized before they are licensed to sell gambling software or hardware... When it comes to voting machine manufacturers, all a company needs to do to enter the field is persuade an election official to buy its equipment.

Georgia's Secretary Of State seems to have gotten a burr under her saddle about electronic voting, especially since she "updated" the whole state to this new system. I've read about various attempts from people in the state to convince the Secretary that her position was untenable -- most of which were met with silence.

Me, I'm voting by absentee ballot.

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