May 13, 2004

Not that I blame them...

MT 3.0 pricing structure

Six Apart announced Movable Type 3.0 today, which I've been waiting for. But it's not the greatest news ever: they have a free edition still, but that gets you 1 person and 3 weblogs maximum. The next version up is $70 to begin with... minus some dough for those who contributed earlier.

I suppose I can't blame them... but the truth is, the restrictions on MT 3.0 are a little much, for the price. At $70, you get a max of 3 authors and 5 weblogs. I can't tell yet what's new -- I haven't seen it, and I'm not ready to purchase it -- but at $70, it would have to be fantastic.

I hope it works for them, but I'm not betting on it with all the users out there who used MT for their blogs. Most of them don't develop, and the 1 author/3 blogs is a little expensive.

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