April 25, 2004

Horowitz Speech At Emory


Didn't know that David Horowitz had come to speak at Emory -- no big suprise, I'm not anywhere around Emory, nor am I any fan of his. But the article above -- a column by the fun read and left-wing John Sugg -- points out a political point that's come to colleges lately, that colleges tend to "teach" left views.

I have a few questions on that subject. The first one, which can't be answered with "they already are", but has to be answered with a "yes" or "no". If this sort of injunction were forced on both teachers from the left and the right, would this be fair?

My second question is, if the teachers were forced into teaching only a regulated formula of information, sans their own opinion or input, would this be teaching, or just giving out material to be consumed?

And my final question is: If you answered "material to be consumed" to the above question... why are you letting this happen in our educational system with the No Child Left Behind plan of "ram the material down the throat so they can past the test" method of teaching?

Teaching is an art form, not a math equation. Forcing teachers into a mold is ludricous. If you feel you can't learn from a teacher, either don't take a class from him/her, or (if you must) put up with it as best you can and move on.

Life is full of people you won't agree with. Get used to having to deal with them and working around them. But forcing them into your own mold is childish.

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