April 03, 2004

Everyone In Silico Released As Free E-Book

Free E-book Released via boingboing

Jim Munroe's got to be one of the better writers I've read in the last 10 years; the best way I can describe it is that he's got solid, readable scenes, with a deep velvet undertone saying, "what you're reading is not all that's there. Read again to find out what you're missing".

Munroe's put out all of his books as e-books so far. (Me, I couldn't wait, I've bought his last two.) Munroe's Angry Young Spaceman, is my favorite (probably because it was the first I read), which probes the same topics and thoughts that the movie Lost In Translation probes (being in a country where nothing is familiar, being without ties, being misunderstood), with a lot more depth, curiosity and willingness to understand the culture that's the protagonist is in.

I also really liked Munroe's Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask, it reminds me of my more bohemian days, while reading more like Michael Chabon's Kavalier and Clay.

In other words, check them out. If you like, buy a copy.

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