March 09, 2004

So... Lemme Get This Straight...

TAP: Web Feature: Plugging Leaks. by Murray S. Waas. March 8, 2004. via Talking Points Memo

The article says that Karl Rove claims he wasn't Novak's leak in the Wilson/Plame incident... but he's a totally manipulative jerk who used the excuse to ruin a career for political gain, once it was out.

Rather, Rove insisted, he had only circulated information about Plame after it had appeared in Novak's column. He also told the FBI, the same sources said, that circulating the information was a legitimate means to counter what he claimed was politically motivated criticism of the Bush administration by Plame's husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

Rove and other White House officials described to the FBI what sources characterized as an aggressive campaign to discredit Wilson through the leaking and disseminating of derogatory information regarding him and his wife to the press, utilizing proxies such as conservative interest groups and the Republican National Committee to achieve those ends, and distributing talking points to allies of the administration on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. Rove is said to have named at least six other administration officials who were involved in the effort to discredit Wilson.

Oh, that's fair. Remind me never to have anything bad about me in the paper, just in case Karl Rove decides to use that as an excuse for an all-out attack.

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