March 09, 2004

Georgia Legislature Worried Same-Sex Ban Not Strong Enough

House to vote on gay marriage bill

It's at times like this I wonder how phones and indoor plumbing, those new-fangled inventions, came to be accepted in Georgia. Our dear legislature's been getting their handkerchiefs in a knot over gay marriage; the latest has to do with a proposal to remove a section from the State Senate's version, which declares all such marriages not recognized.

[State Rep. Jeanette] Jamieson's proposal would delete a key provision of SR 595. The provision, "Section B," stipulates that Georgia cannot recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states and that no such marriage "shall be recognized by this state as entitled to the benefits of marriage."   The Christian Coalition of Georgia has blasted HR 1470 as a "counterfeit bill" and is lobbying to defeat it. But Jamieson, who voted against SR 595, said her proposal is more likely to withstand court review and would not affect benefits some Georgia companies provide for domestic partners. Critics allege SR 595 might outlaw such benefits.

Honestly, this is seriously antediluvian (or antebellum, since it's the South) Will we end up with the Mason-Dixon line for gay marriages? Will there be maps in the paper showing where gay marriages are legal in blue, where they're illegal in red, and the rest in a striped combination of the two? What's gotten into people lately?

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