February 26, 2004

Living Spaces

Basement Apartments

This interesting article on basement apartments in New York started me thinking. I'm getting older, and moving is less fun than it was when I was 24 and it was a party. So, I've been looking at permanent and not-so-permanent places to live: houses, condos, lofts. And what's struck me -- aside from the shock of OUTRAGEOUS prices -- is the almost complete lack of creativity in building a house. Nothing's different, nothing's odd. I've found one condo which had a shower that wasn't the standard "tub with shower" or "shower stall with sliding door". Almost none have had any open space, interesting windows, or anything that might be considered beautiful. They're boxy. They're cookie-cutter.

And then, there's a few ideas that just sound neat. Both in St. Louis, while I was living there, and in Atlanta, there are condos being made out of old school houses. I found a neighborhood of houses which grew there naturally, and not one of them matches any of their neighbors in style, shape, or attitude. And then there's things like planned communities, which almost seem like plans to make something that should occur spontaneously.

And so, I'm asking: What interesting places have you seen people live? Where are some cool places people you've known have moved into? What floats your boat in living spaces?

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