February 13, 2004

Georgia Passes New Bullying Law

Tougher law on bullying gets nod

Woof -- this one's a weird one. On one hand, I really, really hate bullies (like most people don't). But this is one of those I'm willing to say that legislation won't stop it.

Bullying happens when the hand of force imposed by adults is weakened by inattention. Bigger kids dominate weaker kids without some guiding force.

The problem is, this law will never, ever stop bullying. It also won't stop victims from getting guns and attempting to end the problem. It might curtail the situation -- but it's also going to hit some kids who just act tough to protect themselves, but would never commit a crime. Kids who draw violent pictures don't necessarily behave violently, but this law acts as if they do.

The only solution for bullying is to reformat childhood education, and to allow for teachers who build relationships with kids & with groups of kids over a number of years. (Along with elevating the status of teaching to a professional level akin with that of doctors & lawyers; expensive, but ultimately the only solution).

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