January 14, 2004

Treasury Department Clamps Down On Car Donations. Honest.

Uncle Sam trying to limit car donation deductions - Jan. 14, 2004

Also note, this includes a clamp-down on patents and intellectual property.

"The laws must ensure that those who would shirk their civic responsibilities cannot do so by exploiting unintended loopholes, and the IRS must ensure that taxpayers do not engage in abusive tax avoidance transactions," said Treasury Secretary John Snow in a statement.

Because, as you know, people donating a car to charity are just shirkers, the whole lot of them. Donators are what give tax-exempt charities a bad name. Same with those inventor-types, always going around flaunting their smart-brain-things in front of everyone. A pox on all of them! Tax 'em until they're poor people and then we can laugh at them.

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