January 12, 2004

Democrats Criticized For Attacking No Child Left Behind

Overhauling Schools: Attacks on Education Law Leave Democrats in a Bind

Article points out that Democrats voted for the "No Child Left Behind, Unless It's Going To Cost Us Money, Then The Little Shrimps Are History (Not That They'll Know Anything About History)" Bill, which is about a big a failure as any educational program as there's been around here. The Bill, based on a similar Texas bill nicknamed "The Texas Miracle", which turns out not to be a miracle but bad bookkeeping.

Look, it's a mistake. I credit the Democrats for at least saying it's a mistake, and seeing the problem. No, I'm pretty upset that they voted for it in the first place -- but then again, that's why I'm not happy with Dick Gephart or John Kerry. They were in power, and then didn't stop bills like this that were at best based on suspicious and limited evidence.

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