January 11, 2004

Georgia's Legislature Opens Monday

2004 Georgia Legislature

Being a resident of Georgia, I'm obviously interested in state politics -- especially since they're pretty silly. No other state had to actually spend time on a bill which forced all restaurants to have sweet tea as a beverage. I doubt that many states have had as much flap about a freakin' state flag, either.

So, if you live in Georgia, it's always fun to find out a few things... like who's funding people in Georgia, what some of the legislation is, and of course, where to complain to your Representatives or your Senator.

See what's on Georgians' minds here, including this piece of joy...

Joye Wellborn of Lawrenceville was among the 73 percent in the poll who said passing legislation to ensure public display of the Ten Commandments is important.

"This country was based on the Ten Commandments and no one should tell us we can't display them in public," said Wellborn, 71.

Some other fun bills from last year....

This year's not too bad either...

Fourty days of fun, frivilousness and financial compensation, all in the land Sherman overran.

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