December 05, 2003

Joe Sacco Interview Books | Safe area America (sorry, subscribe or go through the ads)

Salon does an interview with Sacco which is fascinating. Joe Sacco does some of the most amazing comics on foreign areas, ones that for the most part I can't imagine how he does them. Safe Area Gorazde is one of the most amazing comics I've read in years -- and it's about the war in Chechnya, about the people who live in one town. It's not a fictional account, per se -- this is reporting, but from a very personal level. He talks with ordinary people and asks them about their lives, has them talk about the war and how it's affected them.

You can buy Gorazde from Fantagraphics and see what it's like. He's got a new book out, The Fixer, which you can order from Amazon, also on Chechnya. He's got other books out as well, including his original Palestine, on the West Bank settlement.

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