November 04, 2003

Secret Trial Before Court

Secret 9/11 case before high court via Metafilter

Seriously bad stuff happening. Seems that there's cases going before the court system that are so sealed, it's not on court dockets, not in public files, and no one's even supposed to know the legal proceedings are going on.

In case you're thinking, "Well, it's a terrorist, come on..." -- he's been out on a $10,000 bail since March 2002.

In her petition to the court, Miami federal public defender Kathleen Williams says the judges' actions authorizing the secrecy without any public notice, public hearings, or public findings amount to "an abuse of discretion" that requires corrective action by the justices.

"This habeas corpus case has been heard, appealed, and decided in complete secrecy," Ms. Williams says in her petition.

Frightening that this happens in America, ever.

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