October 28, 2003

More O'Reilly

It's always fun to see David Pogue; he's got to be one of the most entertaining speakers out there. He spoke for about an hour on Panther -- and found stuff I'd never even thought to take a look at. I was floored. Definitely need to pick up his book.

Afterwards, I needed to work on my presentation... which didn't work so well, as I got into conversations with Bob Fraser (from Apple) and Damien Barrett, which was very interesting; started around Damien's brother Cameron, who is working on the Clark campaing. Wandered a while on all sorts of things, with a really smart crowd.

Now, Rael Dornfest is behind me, Rob Flickinger is in front of me. Rael and I sang Tom Jones' "It Not Unusual" just a moment ago.

Yes, it's getting weird. :)

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