August 26, 2003

US Troops using AK-47s because they don't have rifles...

Yahoo! News - U.S. Troops Use Confiscated Iraqi AK-47s

This is just plain wrong -- it seems that there's not enough rifles to go around because we're using armored tank battalions for hand-to-hand combat.

This boils down to one of two things: either a) we are not properly equiping the soldiers that are over there, or b) we're sending the wrong set of soldiers to do the job that's needed. If it's a, then we're sending soldiers over to stand in front of bullets without guns -- and that's one of the most sickening things I can think of anyone doing. And if it's b, then we either need to send the right set of troops or properly equip the wrong set and make do.

If we're going to send them, let's send them WITH RIFLES. So they can DEFEND THEMSELVES.

Posted by Ted Stevko at August 26, 2003 12:39 AM | TrackBack

You do not know what your talking about!! Check your info!!!! So SO SO wrong its sad

Posted by: john at May 13, 2004 11:10 AM