July 14, 2003

How to get rid of the freeloader known as "alma mater"


This one blew my mind; mostly because it reminds me of exactly when I finally blew my top at my college...

My college sent me e-mail without me ever giving them the address. I'd moved literally 3 states away, had switched ISPs 3 times, and had moved at least 4 times since graduation -- and yet, they're not only mailing me at an address I'd never given them, (a relatively minor nuisance) but now they're hitting me up through e-mail.

I wrote them back and told them I'd start putting them on black-hole lists and complaining to the FCC if they didn't stop this crap right now.

Mind you, this is Washington University in St. Louis, home of the well-loved and well-used wuarchive. An RBL listing would have been very, very bad.

The alumni house probably wasn't as saavy at internet stuff as I was -- but they knew that this would be bad. I'll give them credit -- after that I didn't get the alumni magazine for a couple of years.

Posted by Ted Stevko at July 14, 2003 11:08 AM