July 07, 2003

NPR on National Do Not Call List

On today's Morning Edition, there was an article on how the NDNC list will affect telemarketing companies. Natch, the suits for telemarketing companies complained that this new list would adversely affect them; thousands of people could lose their jobs. To top it off, there was a commentary from a former telemarketer put in her two cents about "rude people" who she would call.

Sorry, kids, I ain't buying it.

This is where I draw the line between left-wing sensitivity and calous, cold self-centeredness. I'm all for people having jobs, and I'm a huge fan of being polite to people. But as far as I'm concerned, let the companies fall, let the people get fired, and let that misguided former telemarketer stick it in her ear.

I've had to suffer from time to time with telemarketing outbreaks. Not just once a week, but two or three a night. I ask to get off of lists, and quite a few telemarketers say they've never heard of it, or I have to call their main office (both are illegal -- telemarketers have to have a list, and must take your name off if you request.) I ask them not to call back and they do. I even find automatic announcements on my home machine -- a BIG illegal no-no.

I pay for my phone. I go to work, so I can have a phone, which allows people to communicate to me. If someone makes a mistake, or calls me by accident, no huge deal. They're appropriately sorry.

But telemarketers -- the physical callers -- use my phone and my time to make money. The companies are worse, they employ people to be rude. Neither group is ashamed of interrupting me, asking me for my time. Both use the unholy excuse of "It's just my job", as if this were a reason to be rude.

If telemarketing goes under, I'm certian we will be a nicer place to live. I've got no regrets, period.

Sign up for the National Do Not Call list today.

Posted by Ted Stevko at July 7, 2003 06:06 PM