May 12, 2003

Free As A Jaybird!

Privacy International's Stupid Security Contest via Electrolite

I had a really sick thought: in order to avoid things like the wonderful "get your shoes searched" fun at the airport, there's one solution: go naked.

Yes, folks, I think that if you want to avoid being inspected, detected, neglected, and infected by the Department of People Who Have Had Less Training Than A Beautician, you need to go buck naked into the wild blue yonder, and let others yonder on you 'till they're blue. This will eliminate any close body searches, skip over the problems of having to check shoes, and once and for all eliminate carry-ons.

Other advantages: it eliminates seat-mates. It will also mean that you'll get fast service, get on the plane first, get off last, and won't have anyone bothering you needlessly.

Downsides: Coffee and turbulance. 'nuff said.

Posted by Ted Stevko at May 12, 2003 01:33 AM