May 06, 2003

On Safari. No, the browser.

I've been playing around with Apple's Safari browser some. It's not bad; it's got some nice features, and it's great for doing research. I still use Explorer for my basic surfing, though; it's a little bit easier as everything's currently set up.

Minor problems still plague me; I get a crash every once in a while when I'm looking at various video feeds. And i absolutely despise the fact I don't seem to be able to get a URL while hovering over a link. It's stupid; I'm practically addicted to making sure a link is what I think it is. But without it, I'm constantly annoyed.

Also, my big thing is the left-hand toolbar on IE. I use Page Holder constantly, especially when I'm going to a site with lots of links that I browse through. It helps, really.

My big complaint is this, though: I hate the "mindless zombie drone" vibe I get when my entire computer & all it's software has been built by one company. Let's face it, Microsquish has put me off of that forever; I can't handle one company being so pervasive in my box that it has control over everything. That includes Apple. So, I doubt Safari will ever be the only browser on my box.

Posted by Ted Stevko at May 6, 2003 12:59 AM