January 30, 2003

Cartoon Art Museum does it again

Cartoon museum explores what happens when the funny pages take on serious issues

Got this from Boing Boing -- The Cartoon Art Museum, of whom I am a proud and quite happy member, has put together a series on cartoons of a controversial nature. To say the least, this is an exciting topic in cartooning: many cartoonists over the years, including and sometimes especially comic strip artists, have created extreme controversies. Take a look at Walt Kelly, creator of Pogo: at the time of the McCarthy trials, he was head of the National Cartoonists' Society. Some member was accused of being a communist, and was brought before the Committee on Un-American Activities. Kelly got together a lot of cartoonists, had them all sit in the front row, and any time McCarthy would speak... all the cartoonists would start scribbling furiously. The meeting was over rather sooner than expected.

Cartoonists can affect change; they, just like anyone else, have to be brave and clear.

Posted by Ted Stevko at January 30, 2003 10:32 PM