January 19, 2003

John Ashcroft: Civil Rights Advocate

CNN.com - Ashcroft defends civil rights record at MLK event - Jan. 17, 2003

One day after the Justice Department urged the Supreme Court to reject a affirmative action plan, Attorney General John Ashcroft Friday avoided the subject in a civil rights address honoring the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.
... "From the first days of our administration, honoring the diversity of the American people has been a priority for President Bush and for me," Ashcroft said. ... The largely African-American crowd of Justice Department employees responded with restrained but polite applause.

I haven't laughed so hard in weeks. He's

Posted by Ted Stevko at January 19, 2003 06:04 PM

My husband that I have been married to for 1.5 years is a very nice and kind man who loves his kids, hunting, fishing, learing and hopes to teach fire arms class some day. He just go his CCW lic. We'll he has in the past had a hard time. He was married for 20 years and has 4 children he loves. His ex-wife has harrassed him over and over again with EPO's. We took 5 pages of EPO's and had them EXPUNGED from his recored when we got married because they were all false and he wanted to Hunt and he has 2 law inforcement degrees. We'll everything was fine with is ex-wife, she called us needing to buy a car so we sold her one. She has had the car now for 3 weeks and she was very happy with it. So is going threw a divorce and need something to get the kids back and forth to school. Well about 4 days ago she seen a truck she would like to have and called and wanted us to buy the car back, we told her we did not need it. So she called my husband Friday night as he was at work on the hill , he is a security officer and yelled and screamed, told him if he did not buy the car back she would serve him with an EPO. Well here we go again. I told him she could not do that he had not done anthing. Well Saturday morning he was woke up by the State police who served him with an EPO. It did not tell what he had done or anything. His family has been out thousands of dollars over her in the past. We had to go and get a lawyer and now we are out $500.00. We just got a call that said the Domestic Violence case would be at 9 am on the 7th of April. Domestic Violence. It seems like there should be some kind of law out there that would protect my husband and our bank account from her. Please help. We are american citizens I work hard and so does my husband all we won't to do is live in peace please help me. You can reach me at work at 606 437-1300 or home 606-432-3293 or my cell at 606-422-7777. Please tell me what I can do. We just want to be left alone. The EPO laws are to protect people from harm not harrasse people and slander there good name.

Posted by: Kellie Hohenecker at March 30, 2004 04:37 PM