November 25, 2002

FEC: looking out for... well, not *us*. Politics | FEC approves salaries for candidates

Get this: now candidates can *take a salary* from political donations equal to the lower of either their current pay or the pay that they would be getting from the office they were running for.

Then, the FEC has the unmidigated gall to say this will encourage "candidates of modest means" to run for office, because they wouldn't be able to otherwise.

I'm amazed they can say this with a straight face. "Candidates of modest means" won't be able to run anyway, as it requires *hundreds of thousands* to run a campaign for federal office; and you don't get that unless you're either a) someone who is known to the political parties -- who will give you the money, or b) someone who already has it.

This is just a sham to allow people to ciphon off money from their political warchests.

FEC, you should be ashamed.

Posted by Ted Stevko at November 25, 2002 10:50 PM