October 29, 2002

Article on Why Yahoo Publishes PHP

Why Yahoo Uses PHP via Camworld

Not to start a holy war, but PHP is pretty nice; the arguments for and against PHP are insightful here. Having used PHP, JSP, SSI, ASP, and a lot of other "template-based" and "include-based" scripting languages, I can honestly say PHP is quite nice. It's nice to have a scripting language with DB capabilities built in, and not have to do a lot of CGI and middleware calls to get data, especially for small sites. From what I can tell, though -- Yahoo is using it as a templating language, rather than a CGI language. They mention that they use C/Perl to do the heavy, non-front-end computation. Neat stuff to read.

Posted by Ted Stevko at October 29, 2002 01:31 PM