June 17, 2002

George In The News Again

What is it about George W. Bush that makes him think that he can just do what he wants and get away with it? Why is it that we're letting him?

Several incidents happened over the weekend that just make me boil: First, there was the Ohio State students who were threatened with expulsion and arrest if they protested his speech. Several of the demonstrators were ushered out when they quietly turned their back on Bush -- hardly something disturbing the peace, respectful of Bush's right to free speech as well, and definitely not heckling.

They also mention his speech is on the "culture of (community) service",which is always a bit dubious coming from someone who had a baseball field given to him by a city and an oil company given to him by his dad.

Next, Arthur Andersen was found guilty of obstruction of justice. I talked with my mom about this, a former auditor for another Big 4 auditing firm. Her point, well put, was that Arthur Andersen does deserve the verdict -- but not at the expense of finding Enron guilty. Remember Enron? The ones that got away with millions, and it looks like they'll get away with it scott free?

Finally, George W. Bush declared that he ordered the CIA to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein... and the Democrats are now backing him. Folks -- this is illegal. Plain and simple, there's been laws for years -- since the overthrow of Chile in 1974, which had unproven but suspicious ties to the CIA -- stating that the CIA is not to participate in the overthrowing of governments, period.

It's appaling what we're doing in order to preserve "freedom". Not our laws, not our security, but our "freedom". Why am I putting it in quotes? Go back to the first one -- someone forgot that freedom includes the right to disagree. And how can we be certian we're secure, if no one is able to "watch the watchmen", as it were. Break a law, remove a freedom, insist on unquestioning obedience... and we become what we fight against.

Posted by Ted Stevko at June 17, 2002 01:08 AM